Heavy metals in our bodies

A couple of weeks ago, I had two young ladies, one being a nurse, come into Sand N Stones and they were asking me about the CBD Oil that I sell. They wanted to know if there had been any studies on CBD oil and people who have heavy metal conditions. I could not answer the question.
They began telling me their stories with and the ailments that they had from heavy metals. We started talking back and forth, and I explained why turned to CBD Hemp Oil and what relief I am seeing from it.
They asked if I had ever been tested for heavy metals? I told them no. They told me if I wanted to be texted make sure I get the urine test, since that seems to be more accurate then the blood test.
I started doing some research in the internet.
This morning, I went to see my Rheumatologist. I asked him what he thought of heavy metals and their effects on our health? He asked me why I was inquiring about this, I told him that I have been experiencing some of the symptoms that can be associated with heavy metals. Aches and pains, brain fog, sad feelings, trouble sleeping, anxious feelings, and elevated blood pressure. I also explained to him being a jeweler I am always working with silver and gold. I also have several fillings that are made from metals.  He said that there has been scientific proof that heavy metals in our bodies do play a part on our health. He agreed to order the urine test.  We will see.
I was wondering if there were any essential oils that would help with the detoxification of heavy metals?
I came across this web page from Dr. Axe, who is a very respected individual in the Essential Oil world. Where he talks about heavy metals, the dangers, and how to do a detox.  I have found this all very interesting and planning to incorporate some of the heavy metal detox foods into my diet that Dr. Axe recommended regardless the results.
Here is a quiz that you can take that is very interesting. At the end of the quiz they are going to ask…. If you would like to discuss your case with Connie Fox, she is now offering a one-time 30 minute phone consultation for $90.00. I did not do the consultation, but the questions they ask made me really think.
I have read that Milk Thistle as a heavy metal detox but never really gave it another thought. That is something that I can easily take in a pill form once and awhile.
Here is a Youtube video that I found talking about all of the heavy metals that we are exposed to on a daily basis.
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