Visit to Tri-State Bird Rescue

Sand N Stones had a wonderful Donation Drive for the Wildlife Rescue Groups on May 29, 2010.  Thank you to all of those who came out and donated.


Tri State Bird Rescue and Research Center

On Tuesday, June 1, I took the donations that was collected to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research in Newark, Delaware.  I drove down this long shady road with large trees on both sides.  The road dead ended at the Frink Center for Wildlife, the home of Tri-State.

When I walked into the building I saw this large glass window, where I saw a few of the staff members feeding four baby robins some water with a small paint brush that they dipped into the water and let the water drip into their mouths. I was then greeted by a staff member. I introduced myself and told her that I was bringing the donations that we collected from the Wildlife drive. They were very appreciative.

I asked for a tour the facility.  She said that they do not allow visitors to walk around the grounds near the birds.  They dont want the birds to get startled and possibly re-injur themselves or get use to humans.  She did however, walk me up to the outside deck which over looked many of the birdhouses.

All of the birds at Tri-State are rescued, rehabilitated, than released back into the wild, except for one Ishta who is a Peregrine Falcon, who can not fly very well, so he has become a permanent resident at Tri-State.

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Peregrine Falcon who is a perminate residant of Tri-State. He can not fly very well, so will never be released.
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